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Private Fees

New Patient Examination - Adult/Child £55.00/£50.00 (including 2 x-rays)
Recall Private Adult/child £55.00/£50.00
Additional X-rays £10.00
OPG £35.00
Emergency Appointment £65.00 + treatment
Hygienist Appointment £80.00 per session
Children (under 10 years) £45.00 per session
Composite Fillings from £170.00 per filling
Amalgam Fillings from £90.00 per filling
Metal Ceramic Crowns from £700.00
E-max Crowns from £800.00
Zirconia Crowns from £899.00
Gold Crowns from £999.00
Re-Cementing Crown £125 (including emergency charge)
Extraction from £175.00
Bridges from £899.00 per unit
Veneers from £800.00 per tooth
Acrylic Denture from £700.00 per arch
Cobalt Chrome Denture from £999.00 per arch
Partial Denture from £525.00
Denture Repair from £135.00 repair per tooth
Denture Addition from £165.00 addition per tooth
Insior/Pre-molar from £550.00
Molar from £650.00
Teeth Whitening £375.00
Mouthguard from £180.00
Sportsguard from £180.00
Hard Splint from £600.00
Orthodontic Retainers
Fixed Retainers £450.00 (pair) or £225.00 per arch
Essex Retainer £325.00 (pair)
Vivera (Invisalign Retainers) £600.00 (3 pairs)
Invisalign Full (With Retainers) £5,000.00
Invisalign Moderate (With Retainers) £4,500.00
Invisalign Lite (With Retainers) £4,350.00
Implant New Patient Consultation £55.00
Implant Surgery from £2,600.00
Bone Graft from £800.00
Implant Crown Recementing from £170.00

NHS Fees

Band 1 £25.80
Band 2 £70.70
Band 3 £306.80
Please note these treatment prices are a guide and further treatment options are available to discuss with your dentist.